The Fruit Garden in September


This is a good time for preparing new beds designated for growing fruit.

Place orders for new fruit trees if you have not already done so.


Week 36 - 2nd Sep. to 8th Sep.

Prepare beds for new Black / Red / White currants,Gooseberry bushes, and Grape vines.

Prune Peach / Nectarine trees.

Plant out strong well-rooted Strawberry runners.

While you are at it plant a few up for forcing in the greenhouse.

Check around the base of fruit trees and collect any windfalls, discard any that are rotting or damaged.


Week 37 - 9th Sep. to 15th Sep.

Prepare beds for Blackberry ,Loganberry and Tayberry plants.

Prune Pear trees.


Week 38 - 16th Sep. to 22nd Sep.

Protect Apple trees from infestations of winter moth caterpillars.


Week 39 - 23rd Sep. to 29th Sep.

Continue picking Apples and Pears as they ripen, and place the best keeping varieties in store.


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