The Fruit Garden in May


As like last month, the priority in the fruit garden this month is to ensure that plants do not want for feeding and moisture.

Some crops will require fruit thinning out to ensure that the fruit left is of good quality and size.

Then there is the need to always be on the look out for pests and disease, so they / it can be brought under control before they / it gets out of control.


Week 18 - 30th Apr. to 5th May.

Continue picking Rhubarb.

Stop laterals on Grape vines.

Feed Gooseberry bushes.

Ensure that Plum and Damson trees are not drying out.

Prune Peach / Nectarine trees.

Hang pheromone traps in Plum and Damson trees this month to catch plum and codling moth.


Week 19 - 6th May. to 12th May.

To encourage flowering on Apple trees, try Ring barking them.

Deter infestations of Gooseberry sawfly larvae.


Week 20 - 13th May. to 19th May.

Ensure that Apples, Pears, Raspberries, are not drying out.

Prune out new shoots on espalier and fan trained fruit that is growing away from its support.

Weed around the base of Peach / Nectarine trees then spread an organic mulch.


Week 21 - 20th May. to 26th May.

Prune Cherry, Plum and Damson trees if necessary.


Week 22 - 27th May. to 2nd Jun.

Ensure that Blackberry, Cherries, Loganberry, and Tayberry do not run short of water.

Control weeds around Pears and Raspberries by shallow hoeing, and applying a mulch afterwards.

Pinch back Fig shoots to five or six leaves to promote fruit formation, then feed the plants.

Manually pollinate Peaches and Nectarines.

Start thinning Gooseberries, Plum and Damson fruit.

Spray Strawberry plants with a systemic fungicide to prevent fungus disorders.


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